Watercolour Cosmic Dreaming Series.

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Below are photographs of a group of my watercolour paintings 
This series is from the imagination, largely inspired by nature.
        Click on the image to see details of the paintings.
  All images are copyright sandra taylor.
paintings are available for purchase, some are sold.
I made this post in 2018, but have added to it as I painted more pieces.  It is now 2022.  


'Crescent Moon in Gold' 10x14 (sold)

'Sky Fishing' 30x22 (sold)

'Wind Over Waters' 30x22 (sold)

'Rainbow Metamorphosis' 30x22 (sold)

'Moving the Horizon' 30x22

'Magic Sea Bear' 10x14

'By a Thread' 10x14

'Turtle Whirl' 9x12 2017 (not for sale.)

One of the first paintings made in the series, this was intended to bring a feeling of joy, power, and renewal.

"Gentle Owl" 10x14

'Womb' 9x12 (not for sale)
Geese, ducks, inward bound reflection calm, hearth. Galactic.

'Green Bear and Birds' 10x14 (SOLD)
An earthy painting for the heart. Birdsong,a bear tree branches, reeds, birds. Harmony cheer and calm. Celestial bodies balanced in motion.

'Brush Dropped Blue' 10x14 (sold)
A rocky sort of painting with water elements, birds and moons. Everything coming together in friendship.

'Dreaming Clouds'  2018 10x14'
The sky and water.  Crescent moon, full moon, butterfly, fish, bluejay. This painting also can be viewed horizontally, with the crescent moon on the left.

'Coral Chorus' 30x22 2018
A manatee, almost. Warm waters, starfish, stellar harmony. Underwater worlds, bright with the sunbeams through them. Oceanic. Playful childlike spirit.

'Ocean Dancer in Purple' 30x22 2018
An otherworldy oceanic cosmic dancer. It can also be viewed vertical with the circle at top right.

Marsh Magic 9x12 fall/winter 2020

'Leap' 30x22 2018
A galactic turtle bird like being of many worlds and colours poised in mid-leap.
'Mythical Creature Among Clouds' 10x14 2018

 'Illuminated Tree' 10x14 2018 (SOLD)

"Changing Constellations" 12x9 2019

Painted in mid winter, this colourful dreamy piece is full of animals and star systems blinking in and out.  It remains as a whole somehow while in motion. A celebration.

'Cosmic Swirl' 10x14 2019

'Love Illuminated' 30x22
Tendrils of green, pink flowers. Growing.
Can be viewed vertical as well.

'River Dragon' 30x22

'October Moon' 22x30


'Island Abloom' 9x12
Spring, with its cheerful blossoms after winter, and the land form looking whale-like.

 'Mystic Crow in Springtime' 9x12 (SOLD)
Sometimes a crow will give you a particular look.

'Dusk Aglow' 9x12 (not for sale)
A hush, a quiet, the sort of dreamy glow of new things growing.  Subtle realms, to stop and listen in order to perceive and appreciate, and sometimes protect. The delicate stage of things, budding. 

'Land Spirit' 8x5 2016 watercolour and ink pen
A watercolour and ink pen rendition of the 1000 islands area as a grandmother land spirit.
I feel this painting is a sort of precursor to the other paintings, combined with another series of dot and shape paintings I made prior to this body of work.


I was born in Sudbury and am currently based in 1000 islands area; I've also lived in Ottawa, Montreal, Victoria, and Toronto.  I've had an affinity for painting with watercolours since I was small.  Most of my formal training is in music. Spending time in nature is also pretty central to my perspective. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed seeing these paintings.


  1. Your work is beautiful Sandra. Great that when i click on an image it expands (giving more justice to the paintings) and i can see the detail, the flow of the water colours.
    This series is both beautiful and inspirational.

  2. Wow, these are simply gorgeous Sandra! I really, really Love them all. I hope you're doing well.
    Love, ~Deb

  3. So beautiful Sandra. I have two of them in my house... they're exquisite.. are they on Etsy? much love, Nicci

  4. Wow Sandra, finally got a chance to stop by and I'm glad I did! Not what I was expecting having seen some of your previous work. These are whimsical and mystical, and are evocative of some First Nations art. Beautiful. When's the exhibition? -Jim


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